After a short break from connectingood, I’m back. And, focusing on sharing succinct ditties about things I read that move me along on my journey of living justice, loving mercy and walking humbly.

Today, it’s note #9 from Leroy Barber’s Word Made Flesh April update, entitled Injustice:

9) The American church may have plenty of money, but is weak in so many ways. Writing a check is very important because it can help, it has its place. However, walking with someone in their vulnerability takes true spirituality. I am not sure we know what that means in the US narrative any longer.

The rest of his letter has additional insights from his current perspective in serving Jesus among the most vulnerable of the world’s poor. Here’s the link.

I continue to seek, contemplate my journey of living a Micah 6:8 faith… Am I walking a life path of personal vulnerability? And, am I intentionally including others in my daily walk not in my same ethnic/economic class, sharing in their vulnerability?

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