Orthopraxy – (Theology) theol the belief that right action is as important as religious faith
[from Greek orthos correct + praxis deed, action] ~ thefreedictionary.com

I was perusing Facebook and saw a friend had posted pictures of his family vacation. It caused me to ponder people who had influenced me and my own life plan. You see, we met this man and his wife 15 years ago, while attending church on Chicago’s north side. My husband and I were immediately drawn to them and their intriguing lifestyle, which was very different from ours. They lived in an under-resourced community and worked to empower their neighborhood’s most vulnerable. We lived in a mostly resourced neighborhood and were somewhat stuck in a faith action mode of betterment. Meaning, we participated in outreach to others through service days, short term mission trips and giving funds so others could potentially live better… more like us, I suppose.

Seeing this family’s lifestyle, or orthopraxy, modeled in our city was eye-opening. It helped detour us from a life journey focused around American success and comfort choices to a lifestyle of living in blended community with others very different from us. They fueled us to begin thinking deeper and different about how we lived out prosperity as professing Christians… which in turn, has dramatically altered our worldview on living and loving others.

Who’s orthopraxy… or abundant-life lifestyle might you admire enough to change the way you live?

2 thoughts on “who’s lifestyle has changed you?

    1. Thanks dear one… my journey was most deepened in SoCal by walks to school with undocumented mamas & sharing stories with the homeless… thinking warm Oaxaca memories this AM – miss u 2!

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