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Suffragists and Suffragettes

A few months back I attended a Women’s March meeting at the Operation Push Headquarters on Chicago’s south side. I really wanted to go to the march being planned in D.C. I knew I wanted to be on the side of American history that promoted women’s rights. When I was leaving the meeting, I stopped to look at a hallway of historic pictures. An African American woman came by and pointed herself out in a 60’s civil rights march. “That was me when I was skinny – ha!” Well, I thought, you were and still are beautiful. “Still looking good“, […]


february 2017 newsletter

connectingood… together  This is a season where many feel incredibly frustrated. Polarization of political and lifestyle values seem the norm. U.S. culture and our globalized world is constantly moving and changing. It’s hard to keep up, let alone understand others’ perspective. Below are a handful of current articles, curated especially for gals. It’s input to help you catch up and contemplate… maybe with a weekend coffee. Women are key in changing the bend of worldviews towards collaboration. Our emotional intelligence and keen discernment are qualities needed to create bridge-building postures and lifestyles of inclusivity in the world… Hearing stories with […]


Elitism, or Equity and Enough

How do these three words in the title tie with a tale of two Chicago schools? Well, the story is triggered from a current public school scenario. The situation has an overcrowded school in a wealthy downtown district considering consolidation with another school filled with public housing children. Parents are concerned… concerned that their beloved children might be adversely affected by the potential merger. The scenario is one pitting those afforded choice against those with little choice. It’s a reality that has played out in like ways across the United States for generations. Public schools are part of our many […]


Words and Tolerance

Many words do not mean what they did a generation ago. Words tend to evolve or temper in meaning over time wherever you live. This word change scenario happens in every culture and it complicates choosing the right words in conversation to be clearly understood. Especially, with folks outside of your own everyday people groups. Most of us can relate to this word phenomena, though we can’t always figure out what happened when someone we’re chatting with has that trigger reaction. Today, it’s easier than ever to ignite emotions in conversation simply by choosing particular words. Especially, with people you […]


Dear Ta-Nehisi…

I read your words… a lot. I hear your wisdom, feel your pain. You understand the systems of a powerful dominant culture. Those that do not honor all of America’s humanity. Your words make me grieve. Grieve how I’ve been raised to assume my country’s systems were okay… even to believe they were the best. Wow. My white-skinned naivety has allowed me to be absorbed in this dominant culture without grasping my created privilege. You are succinctly articulate. Able to clearly express your heritage-rooted pain and that of others. You are contemplative and emotive, thoughtfully describing the injustice that people […]


The White Ladies Racism Chat…

Dominant Culture Blindness, Part 2 Mom and I look like nice white ladies, don’t we? Well, we do choose to do a lot of nice things for people as we’re both very other-centered. But, isn’t that how women have been traditionally groomed in most every ethnic group since creation? Life routine as a gal has always incorporated some type of kindness with care for others. And, despite a Western knowledge-based economy, that has us gals now focused on education and careers, female caretaking still lays deep within our DNA. We have this beautiful heritage and calling as humane social beings, […]


dominant culture blindness… p.1

I haven’t published anything in months. My last post was my November, 2014 Chicago privilege epiphany/lament. Honestly, I’ve been heartbroken over the continuous race-related trauma going on in my city and our nation. I’m a big emotive feeler with a heart bent towards justice. Yet, I have not felt the right as a white person to write about my anguish over all of the exposed unjust racial trauma. Oh, I’ve written. But all of my pontificating exposes on related urban scenarios seemed disconnected and unworthy to publish in light of all that’s transpired. Plus, I simply have too many friends […]


Diversity & my white privileged self

This season of life has been about integrating diversity in deeper friendships within my community and organizations. Last weekend I had a board meeting with a faith-based group founded around prayer for teachers and schools. I chose this group because I firmly believe in the power of prayer. Our board is diverse and I believe that diversity in America’s public schools has the capability to both contribute and foster principled pluralism within our children. That means living and doing life with others not like you… creating harmonious community through honor, understanding and grace amidst our diversity. Kids can learn these […]


Community Tribe Refresh

I just returned from the CCDA (Christian Community Development Assoc.) Conference in Raleigh. It was so refreshing for me to spend time with this like-minded tribe! Some still cannot figure why I have such an affinity with this CCD group, lifestyle. All I can say is… in the 2nd half of life, the perpetual “more” cycle of American dream prosperity has become shallow to me. I lived it as a cultural norm for decades. But now I grieve it’s grip and it’s partnering deep rooted Western individualism. Both appear good. But, they tend to elevate self before others, making “us” […]


Theology of Place… join me @Flourish!

Friends… there is something about the Theology of Place, or your home dirt. And, what’s housing got to do with it? Well, humans were created with a need for shelter & neighbors. So, the past 2 months I have been working with my CCDA tribe – Christian Community Development Assoc. on a symposium around housing for the common good of all. Check it out, share & consider joining us! @iamccda #flourish Links to: Housing Pre-Conference … to: CCDA Flourish conference