Our family strives to live life deep in socio-economic blended community as a wholistic model of American Dream prosperity. The untempered "normative" Western cultural models of continuous "up, more & go" have become shallow and exhausting to us. Plus, these lifestyle patterns have fostered community models that rarely allow time or space to do everyday life on a person's home dirt with people not just like themselves.


This creative space is where we tell our stories, share experiences and hopefully craft new ideas of mutuality through others input. We want to nurture dialogue and deeper thought around the "lived experiences" of others... "others" not just like us.

May we all be encouraged to think deep, dream creatively big

and choose to live different for the common good!

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Community Tribe Refresh

I just returned from the CCDA (Christian Community Development Assoc.) Conference in Raleigh. It was so refreshing for me to spend time with this like-minded tribe! Some still cannot figure why I have such an affinity with this CCD group, lifestyle. All I can say is… in the 2nd half of life, the perpetual “more” cycle of American dream prosperity has become shallow to me. I lived it as a cultural norm for decades. But now I grieve it’s grip and it’s partnering deep rooted Western individualism. Both appear good. But, they tend to elevate self before others, making “us” or “our own” first in life. I live in tension with both, wondering if they really empower others or model the reconciling l

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