Our family strives to live life deep in socio-economic blended community as a wholistic model of American Dream prosperity. The untempered "normative" Western cultural models of continuous "up, more & go" have become shallow and exhausting to us. Plus, these lifestyle patterns have fostered community models that rarely allow time or space to do everyday life on a person's home dirt with people not just like themselves.


This creative space is where we tell our stories, share experiences and hopefully craft new ideas of mutuality through others input. We want to nurture dialogue and deeper thought around the "lived experiences" of others... "others" not just like us.

May we all be encouraged to think deep, dream creatively big

and choose to live different for the common good!

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dominant culture blindness… p.1

I haven’t published anything in months. My last post was my November, 2014 Chicago privilege epiphany/lament. Honestly, I’ve been heartbroken over the continuous race-related trauma going on in my city and our nation. I’m a big emotive feeler with a heart bent towards justice. Yet, I have not felt the right as a white person to write about my anguish over all of the exposed unjust racial trauma. Oh, I’ve written. But all of my pontificating exposes on related urban scenarios seemed disconnected and unworthy to publish in light of all that’s transpired. Plus, I simply have too many friends reeling from pain in this ongoing race scenario. In no way did I want to diminish or distract from their

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