Our family strives to live life deep in socio-economic blended community as a wholistic model of American Dream prosperity. The untempered "normative" Western cultural models of continuous "up, more & go" have become shallow and exhausting to us. Plus, these lifestyle patterns have fostered community models that rarely allow time or space to do everyday life on a person's home dirt with people not just like themselves.


This creative space is where we tell our stories, share experiences and hopefully craft new ideas of mutuality through others input. We want to nurture dialogue and deeper thought around the "lived experiences" of others... "others" not just like us.

May we all be encouraged to think deep, dream creatively big

and choose to live different for the common good!

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Snoop Dogg, Xmas & Social Mores

I come from a family of deep-thinkers and music-lovers. So, as I was packing up all of the gear for a trek to visit our more rural family, my hub had a holiday “rap app” sending hip hop Christmas cheer into our home. Wait, did I say cheer? As the hub took our presents out to the car, my daughter and I were all of a sudden listening to Merry F- ing Christmas by Snoop Dogg. My college gal started laughing; but, I went into an immediate tailspin, most likely induced from many years of faith-based certitude training telling me that everything this dude rapped about was W-R-O-N-G. As I look back on that moment, I can now smile. But, at the time, I was gripped. Everything in me shouted, "this is n

My Sport and a Moneyball Heritage

This past week I had a substitute teacher in my park district tennis class. He engaged my crew of fellow cardio-tennis mamas in some new gut-gasping drills… one he called Money Ball. We were given two shots to make and the second was the "moneyball'. Nailing that shot gave us victory and a move to the “winners” side of the court. It was a tough routine and many of us were struggling. Afterwards, when I caught my breath, I thought… this game so relates to my life! In the drill, I had a consistent problem with my height and timing of my historically unperfected net approach shot … in my life, well, I still face issues tied to my family heritage and life choices. Doesn’t it seem that we all hav

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